A well-balanced diet, along with plenty of clean, fresh water, is essential for proper animal health. TestDiet® manufactures an extensive line of animal diets for research purposes, each carefully formulated to accommodate the nutritional requirements of laboratory animals. These requirements, the major components of food, are briefly described to provide an overview of basic animal nutrition.

Good Nutrition is Vital.

Good nutrition, including all of the essentials discussed here, is the only way to ensure the proper growth, reproduction, maintenance and overall health of the animals you depend upon for reliable research results.


The most common sources of energy for laboratory animals are fats and carbohydrates. Read more about the four ways of specifying energy.


Most purified diets are made with a base amount of soy oil or corn oil as a constant source of essential fatty acids (EFA).  Typically when additional fat above the minimally-required level is required, porcine lard is used as the source.  Read more about fats used in our purified diets. 


Water makes up more than one-half of the total composition of the mature animal's body and is involved in almost every metabolic process. Read more about the importance of clean, pure water.