Precisely controlling the amount of food provided to laboratory animals is important in many areas of study – obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, etc. It is also a factor in studies that are sensitive to longevity, given recent findings that ad lib access to food contributes to increased mortality, while calorie-intake restriction extends survival rates.

Standard Diet

Our standard 1-gram and 5-gram tablets of LabDiet® Certified 5002 Rodent Formula or LabDiet® 5001 are perfect for portion-controlled feeding and food restriction regimens. By combining 1 gram and 5 gram tablets you have precise control in 1-gram increments (e.g., 17 grams = three 5-gram and two 1-gram tablets).

Custom Diets

Any of our LabDiet® products and most of our TestDiet® purified diets can be formed into precise-dose tablets for portion-control and restricted feeding purposes.

Gamma-irradiation sterilization is also available.