Adding test compounds to standard, custom grain-based, and purified diets is an effective, accurate, and convenient means of dosing your animals for research purposes.

Compounds can be added to regular pellets, precision tablets, powder, liquid, and gels. We provide the service of homogeneously blending compounds into standard LabDiet® feed, TestDiet® modified and custom grain-based diets, and TestDiet® standard and custom purified diets. This is particularly effective for conducting nutritional studies, studying the effects of existing pharmaceuticals, and testing new drug formulas.

With precision and consistency, we can homogeneously blend in virtually any compound, chemical, medication, or nutrient. The diets can be color-coded for easy identification by technical staff. We then can provide these products in a convenient efficient size and form—extruded pellets, tablets, or powder (meal); many can be made into a suspendable or soluble form for liquid diets

We never compromise on the integrity of our products—we never endanger the validity and accuracy of your research, nor the safety and health of your animals and staff. Therefore, we do not handle any toxins, carcinogens, mutagens, radioactive substances, controlled dangerous substances (CDS), or live organisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.). Thus, you are assured that no dangerous or deleterious cross-contamination will occur.

For any test compound, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), or a statement regarding its safety and handling is required. We reserve the right to accept or reject a test compound based on our evaluation of its safety

In some cases, the customer will supply compounds, in other cases, TestDiet® may obtain the compound for you. In either case, TestDiet® adds compounds to diets strictly for research on your own laboratory animals.

Custom Diet Requests

To request a custom diet be formulated, complete the following steps.

  1. Send a copy of the MSDS (Master Safety Data Sheet) showing the exact form of additive, from the supplier you will use for the additive to:
  2. Once the additive has been approved for handling in our facility, complete the Request to Add Compound form and the Additive Information Form and send to:
  3. When the nutritionist has formulated your diet, they will send you a spec sheet for your approval.
  4. When you inform the nutritionist that the diet is to your specifications, they will finalize the diet. They will provide you with a catalog number to order the diet from your dealer or customer service representative. You may then ship your additive to TestDiet® to be incorporated into the base diet of your choice.
  5. Be sure to include in the box with the additive a copy of the Request to Add Compound form and the Additive Information Form
  6. You may call, email or fax your order to your dealer or customer service representative. Your dealer or customer service representative will provide you with pricing, shipping and delivery information.