How to Order

For new projects, when new diets need to be formulated, or when nutritional consultation is required, it is best to contact us directly at  You may find it more convenient to contact your local Certified LabDiet® Dealer----"CLD." You can locate your local CLD by clicking on Distribution link above. Either way, if your area is served by a dealer, your purchase order and invoice will be processed through that dealer, and you will have the benefit of your dealer's personal professional local service. You receive the world-class quality and expertise of Purina . . . the personal service and attention of local professional dealers. For example, your Certified LabDiet® Dealer can assure that your diets are delivered in one consolidated shipment, rather than "piece-meal" through common carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.); or that they are stocked for you in their local warehouse to provide you "just-in-time" delivery - as you choose.

Information to Provide for custom TestDiet® formulations

Information to provide when ordering, please provide: your complete name, address, phone number, fax number and email address; the Product Number and/or Formula Number of the product(s) you are ordering; the form of the diet (pellet, powder, liquid, tablet); and, the quantity in kilograms.

When requesting diet or nutrition consultation, please provide: the focus of your study (e.g., obesity, diabetes, toxicology, cardiology,etc.),the species and strain of animal,number of animals,duration of study,characteristics of the diet(s) you seek with as much specificity as possible (e.g., "60% kcal from lard and a control diet with 12% kcal lard" rather than simply "high-fat diet"), and, any prior research literature references that may apply.