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Diets for the study of Diet-Induced Disease Models, specific Diseases and Behaviors, and Phenotype Expression

We formulate and produce every kind of lab animal diet – custom grain-based and purified diets, adding compounds to standard grain-based LabDiet® products, tablets and liquid diets. We can duplicate and modify any purified diet no matter who manufactured it in the past.

 Many factors determine what kind of diet and what formulation method best serve your research.  

  1. High Fat/DIO
    1. Diet Induced Obesity
    2. VanHeek Series
    3. Surwit Series
    4. Western Diet
    5. Paigen Atherogenic Diet
    6. Ossabaw Pig Diet
    7. Typical American Primate Diet
  2. Control/AIN Diets
  3. Modification to Grain Based Diets
  4. Liquid Diets
  5. Imaging Diets