Modifications to Grain Based Diets

TestDiet Image Mod to Grain Based Image

Often we can meet your research needs by adding nutritional components to standard grain-based food (i.e., our LabDiet® products). This process is used often for adding specific vitamins, minerals, or compounds.  Purina TestDiet® is the only manufacturer that can appropriately modify a LabDiet® product.

Alternatively, we can produce custom-formulated grain-based diets for you "from scratch," using standard multi-nutrient ingredients normally used in such products, or substituting nutrient-specific ingredients.  This is particularly useful when you need a diet comparable to one of our standard LabDiet® products, but with certain a component deleted from the formula.

The ability to modify standard LabDiet® products allows you to research nutritional modifications while using your familiar and trusted, standard LabDiet® feed as your experimental control, with no need to buy and store a separate control diet.

We homogenize your diets with precision and consistency allowing for blends with almost any compound, chemical, medication, or nutrient.  These can also be color-coded for easy identification, and can be manufactured in a variety of forms- pellets, tablets, or meal.

To see if your compound can be used at TestDiet®, please email the MSDS, Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) form, or a statement regarding its safety and handling to