Diet Induced Obesity Diets

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Purina TestDiet® can produce a multitude of formulas for research in obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and related diseases – and can produce custom variations to meet your specific research needs.  We have created high fat diets for many species, including rodents, pigs, primates, and dogs.

 Fatty Acids, %*
FAT SOURCESaturated FatMono- unsaturated
unsaturated Fat
Acid (18:2)
Acid (18:3)
Cholesterol, mg
Plant Sources      
Coconut Oil86.
Corn Oil13.324.
Cottonseed Oil25.819.051.351.80.30.0
Crisco Vegetable Shortening25.033.025.0--0.0
Olive Oil14.370.910.
Palm Oil47.240.29.910.60.20.0
Peanut Oil18.145.829.930.60.00.0
Safflower Oil–High Linoleic8.513.
Safflower Oil–High Oleic9.178.514.
Sesame Oil14.238.542.841.30.50.0
Soy Oil14.522.557.851.07.30.0
Sunflower Oil–High Linoleic (>60.0%)11.118.669.
Sunflower Oil–High Oleic9.783.
Animal Sources      
Beef Tallow49.841.
Cod liver Oil20.846.428.81.20.8570.0
Margarine, 80% Fat15.336.524.
Menhaden Fish Oil27.120.429.91.21.4521.0
Pork Animal Fat39.744.

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