Control/AIN Diets

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With purified diets, materials and methods are easy to report, repeat, and modify. In purified diets, nutrients are derived from precise refined ingredients obtained from reliable, consistent, traceable suppliers. Your research benefits from constant formulae, with precise batch-to-batch consistency, whenever and wherever your research is repeated.

TestDiet® can formulate new diets based on existing TestDiet® products, diets reported in the literature, a diet originally produced by another manufacturer, or an entirely new formula based on your research needs.

The fundamental purposes of purified diets are:

  • Full knowledge of all ingredients
  • Open formulations
  • Precise nutrient composition
  • Repeatable
  • Easily modified
  • Quality
  • Consequently, using purified diets results in precise and repeatable data.

Selecting the proper control diet is of utmost importance for research integrity and the ability to publish your work.  Please ask a nutritionist about the best control diet for your TestDiet custom product.

In purified ingredient diets, each nutrient is derived from a distinct refined ingredient.  Purified diets contain minimal, if any, phytoestrogens.  Purified Diets are available for a wide array of species and product forms (pelleted, meal, tablet).

The “AIN” diets were published by the American Institute of Nutrition (now the American Society for Nutrition–ASN), based on extensive research and a broad collaboration of researchers. 

Reeves, P.G., F.H. Nielsen, and G.C. Fahey, Jr. 1993. AIN-93 purified diets for laboratory rodents: Final report of the American Institute of Nutrition and ad hoc writing committee on the reformulation of the AIN-76A diet. J. Nutr. 123:1939-1951.