LabTreat Tablets & Pellets

With tasty LabTreat Tablets & Pellets you can enhance your primate enrichment program, reward positive responses, and reduce undesirable behaviors. LabTreat Primate Enrichment Tablets & Pellets supply controlled supplemental nutrition while providing physical and mental stimulation. The 5-gram wafer size fits most standard enrichment devices: balls, foraging toys, etc. Available in many sizes.

Packaging — Tablets are sold in the package units shown on the product information sheet, with the approximate tablet count and weight shown on the label. Tablets are packaged in wide mouth plastic jars. Jars are moisture-sealed with twist off caps. Cushioning material is added in each jar, both below and above the product. They may be purchased by the individual jar or by cartons of twelve jars (20 mg and smaller) or six jars (45 mg and larger). 5-gram Tablets are also available in bulk in 10-kg cartons. (*See special packaging for irradiated tablets, below.)

Gamma Irradiation sterilization is available on request and can add up to ten extra business days to the production time. *Tablets are vacuum-sealed in plastic bags and an irradiated container is included with each formula for storage of tablets after opening each bag.

Production Time — Most standard products will be available from stock; otherwise, they will usually be produced within 10 business days of your order. Custom orders might require slightly longer lead time; please discuss this with us when placing a custom order. Whether for a standard or a custom product, please let us know if your requirement is urgent and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Note: “45 mg” and “20 mg” and smaller sizes are nominal sizes: they are engineered to be the precise dimensions necessary for efficient functioning of pellet dispensing instruments. Part of our quality control process is to test pellets in Coulbourn® Pellet Dispensers. Since some formulas are more or less dense than others, the actual weight may differ from formula to formula, but NOT from tablet to tablet.